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1859-O $10 XF45 PCGS CAC - ParadimeCoins

1859-O $10 XF45 PCGS CAC

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Of all the $10 libs, the single rarest No Motto Liberty Eagle is the 1859 from New Orleans. Ultra rare and key date from a mintage of just 2,300, 55 are known today in all grades. This 1859-O $10 has long been herald as the rarest. Most of the 55 known today are abraded and cleaned.
This fresh and newly graded example is exceptionally original for the date with medium green-to-orange gold. Unlike the remaining 1859-O $10, this is not seen with abraded surfaces, in fact it looks like an AU53 in our opinion, as it is seen with ample luster.
There has been one auction record for a PCGS XF45 which was for $18,400 eight years ago at HA. The last NGC XF45 sold 9 years ago for $16,100. The coin today carries a PCGS Price Guide of $19,500 and there are 9 pop events at pcgs. At au50 PCGS price guide is $27,500. Whilst a au50 pcgs with a severe scratch across the face sold cheaply for $20,400.
Finding original accurately graded 1859-O $10 with 10/10 eye appeal is perhaps even more rare than the 1859-O $10 itself and this opportunity and coin should fit nicely with a $10 Lib top set. Do not let this key date slip by.

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