Paradime Coins:

At Paradime Coins we specialize in buying and selling US Numismatics certified by PCGS, NGC & CAC American coins. We focus heavily on rare gold, attractively toned type coins, eye appealing coins, and penultimate rarities. With important and relevant experience in the numismatic industry backed with qualified finance and investment experience, we position ourselves as investors and advisors within the numismatic market having bought and sold in the tens of millions.

Paradime Coins is a member of ANA, PCGS, CAC, EAC, LSCC, FUN, CDN, FLY-IN, ROUNDTABLE & More. We are highly reputable in the industry and buy and sell with most top Numismatic companies in the U.S

The Team:

President - Shannon Rajkitkul

Shannon started collecting coins as a kid when his father and grandfather used to come back from their overseas travels with coins. The idea that something was rare and valuable beyond the apparent face value fascinated Shannon into a lifelong appreciation for Numismatic rarities.

Shannon revamped ParadimeCoins.com in 2018 from a wholesale company to a consumer facing e-commerce which combines a traditional investment outlook with that of Numismatic investments based on rarity, eye appeal, liquidity and grade. Paradime Coins has placed countless rare coins over the past decade and now has grown into an important source for thousands of customers to acquire choice CAC, PCGS and NGC coins, and as a result Shannon was chosen as the 100 Most Influential People In Numismatics 2023

At Paradime Coins, Shannon oversees the company’s business priorities, while managing a cross-functional team. He also manages portfolios for numerous clienteles with a global footprint that includes customers from Japan, Germany, Thailand and Singapore.

Prior to the birth of Paradime Coins, Shannon officially entered the Numismatic world in 2012 by joining the talented team at Stack's Bowers Galleries in their New York location as a buyer. During his time there, he worked closely on important collections such as the Cardinal Collection, which included the sale of then most valuable coin 1794 $1 SP66 PCGS CAC at $10 million in 2013, and the Pogue Collection for over $122 million.

Shannon graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in History. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Oxford to complement his Numismatic knowledge in grading, coin markets, buying and selling.

Shannon is a member of the PCGS, NGC, CAC, Florida United Numismatists, Central States Numismatic Society, American Numismatic Association, North American Collectibles Association, Oxford Numismatic Society, Roundtable, Liberty Seated Collectors Club and the Flying Eagle-Indian Cent Club.

Shannon also regularly participates in important conversation to the Numismatic community, including sharing key insights on navigating the industry. In his most recent talk at the Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium 2022, Shannon gave an overview on the Numismatic market landscape, and best practices on engaging with dealers, was featured on Coin It Podcast, and has articles seen on Coin Week describing various Numismatic rarities.

Numismatist - Kagal Gupta

Kagal has been a Banking and Finance professional for over a decade. She worked in IT and Finance based industry over these years. In her role as Business Consultant, she acted as a liaison between client and teams, taking down requirements until successful deliveries. She also has vast experience in Operations Management, Fraudulent transaction monitoring and Quality Control. Academically inclined, she did her Bachelors in Commerce and her Masters in Finance and Control. At Paradime Coins, she combines a methodologically approach to investing and buying coins.

IT & Shipping Manager - Chenge Chiripamberi   

Inventory & Back-Office Manager - Bruce Walker