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Rare US Coin Dealer - PCGS, NGC, CAC Certified & Collectible American Coins For Sale At Paradime Coins

Paradime Coins is a Certified U.S Coin Dealer specializing in buying and selling US Numismatics certified by PCGS, NGC & CAC American coins. We specialize in rare coins, gold coins, silver coins, collectible coins and antique U.S coins. With important and relevant experience in the numismatic industry backed with qualified finance and investment experience, we position ourselves as investors and advisors within the numismatic market.

Investing and Buying Rare U.S. coins as an investment is an important financial decision for those seeking to have a diverse portfolio, and we consistently help deliver the finest quality of rare certified PCGS and CAC coins at and directly to our clients.

Paradime Coins is a member of ANA, PCGS, CAC, EAC, LSCC, FUN, CDN, FLY-IN ROUNDTABLE & More.

Buying U.S. Coins Online

With the evolution of the internet and coupled with the advent of third party certification of NGC and PCGS and approval of CAC, it has never been easier to safely and securely invest in rare, collectible and antique U.S. coins. As experienced coin dealers we have had the pleasure of helping investors and private collectors extend their portfolios not only for their own enjoyment but also their own financial future. Our founders have bought and sell some incredible numismatic rarities including 1795 H10C MS67 PCGS CAC, 1869 $20 MS65+ PCGS CAC, 1866 $1 MOTTO MS67 PCGS, 1856 1C FLYING PR66 PCGS CAC and a plethora of other rarities. In addition, our principal, Shannon Rajkitkul, has a financial background and approaches Numismatic Investment with a unique outlook as he compares the current market, liquidity, inflation, opportunity cost and the client's goal. Trust and credibility in the coin industry is paramount which is why we believe in building long term relations with clients.

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Why Invest in Rare Coins?

The advantages of investing in rare coins is obvious, which is why we handle portfolio management for some of our clients. Some individual coins can sell for between $2 and $4 million dollars each. The following advantages are why the rare coin market in the U.S. is an ever expanding market.

Coins are tangible assets that are easily moved across country

Compared to other collectibles, coins are easy to store and care for

The rarity and beauty act as paintings do as show piece

Studying coins leads to facts about history, politics, society, and culture

Liquidity for certified rare coins is one the best within all non-traditional asset class

Because of the advent of third party grading services like PCGS and NGC, authenticity is not contested like many other collectibles. This allows buyers to trade safely without seeing their assets in hand which ultimately drives prices up and increases liquidity for the Numismatic market.

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