1892-CC S$1 MS63+ PCGS CAC - ParadimeCoins
1892-CC S$1 MS63+ PCGS CAC - ParadimeCoins

1892-CC S$1 MS63+ PCGS CAC

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A rare and popular Type 1 Draped Bust Small Eagle Reverse Dollar, this 1796 $1 AG03 Small Date, LG Letters variety is a classic coin for those seeking to fulfil a type or a date set where in uncirculated can command well into mid 6 figures. From a mintage of 79,920, an estimated 1,000 are known in all conditions though many fewer have been certified. This AG03, a pop 4 pcgs, and a pop 2 cac out of a total 41 cac approved in all grades from both NGC and PCGS certification. These numbers speak volume to how most have been cleaned and or are not choice for the grade. The offered example is evenly worn housed in an older blue label with rustic tan colors. An eye appealing coin that has been thoroughly but properly circulated. At AG03 there is no CAC comp from either companies; however a non-CAC PCGS AG03 that has clear evidence of an old cleaning and which is not as choice sold for $1,680 09/2020.  Please note there is a circle mark on the reverse likely from a rubber band mark or another coin, adding deep character to this PCGS and CAC approved historic 18th century coin filled with history.

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