Sale of Finest Pogue Type Coins: $20 Type 2 and Early H10c


ParadimeCoins is proud to announce the sale of 2 ultra rare Pogue Coins:

1869 $20 MS65+ PCGS CAC - ex Pogue. 

$204,000 04/2020 SB ( as MS66 ); $299,000 01/08 HA ( as MS65 OGH); $218,500 01/2005 HA ( as MS65 OGH)  

1795 H10C MS67 PCGS CAC - ex Pogue.

$176,250 05/2015 SB; $161,000 11/04 AM


Both these coins are important not only for being the finest of their respective dates, but also for their type. This sale marks an important step for our customers not only for owning important numismatic landmarks, but also that collecting by type for the finest has long paid dividends and that paying premium for choice cac specimen is the correct approach in investing in numismatics. ParadimeCoins has long been bullish for type coins and we actively buy and see the finest type coins specifically 18th and 19th century pieces. These coins being CAC and PCGS certified were the best possible combination any long term collector and investor should hope for.


1869 $20 MS65+ PCGS CAC:

Featuring lovely mint frost and richly original olive-gold patina, this is a truly remarkable Liberty Head double eagle irrespective of type or date. The Type II double eagle as a whole is among the most challenging issues to obtain in high grade. The Type I double eagle is available in Uncirculated thanks in part to treasure recovered from ships like the S.S. Republic, S.S. Brother Jonathan and S.S. Central America. Even Type III issues can be found in moderately higher grades courtesy of repatriations. This is not the case with the Type II double eagle. In 1869. 175,130 were struck and of those 1,260 pieces have survived, an estimated survival rate of 0.72%. In the early 1980s in his landmark guide to gold coins, David W. Akers wrote that he was able to locate only seven auction listings of Uncirculated pieces in a survey of more than 400 major auction sales. The situation had not much improved by the time Q. David Bowers wrote in his Guide Book of Double Eagle Gold Coins in 2004. Today's population reports and census figures allow a clear look at the grade landscape and it confirms what has been suspected for decades: the 1869 is exceptionally rare above Choice Mint State. Standing at the top is this coin, the sole single finest by a mile. In fact, so special is this coin that there is only one other MS-66 Type II double eagles extant, this included as it was MS66, and only one finer, the MS-67 1875-S, a common date unlike the 1869.


1795 H10C MS67 PCGS CAC:

The finest 1795 and the finest type coin of this early half dime series. World class rarity with an extensive pedigree. Although there are two other examples graded MS-67 by PCGS, this present coin is widely regarded as the finest, with superior eye appeal, original luster and toning. This coin sold in 2004 (presumedly to Pogue) for $161,000 as part of the Frog Run Farm Collection, and was also featured in the 2015 Pogue auction where it realized $176,250. “The luster on this example provides the viewer with a unique vision of how a 1795 half dime must have looked the day it was struck, covered in swirls of radiant cartwheel and a haze of warm luster around the devices. The technical quality is as superb as the grade promises...The toning on the obverse is mostly champagne with an area of blue behind Liberty’s head, while the reverse is aglow with olive and gold. The eye appeal is impressive.”