PNG: Professional Numismatists Guild

The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), a revered nonprofit comprises of the foremost authorities in rare coins and paper currency across the nation. Membership within the esteemed ranks of PNG mandates rigorous background evaluations and unwavering adherence to a stringent code of ethics when engaging with numismatic material. Moreover, members extend authenticity guarantees for their numismatic products.

Distinguished as the sole numismatic body in the United States who exclusively allows dealers that exhibits three foundational qualities - expertise, integrity, and accountability - PNG holds a prominent stance in the industry. A typical PNG dealer is synonymous with upholding paramount ethical and professional benchmarks within the field, aligning seamlessly with the pivotal tenets of Knowledge, Integrity, and Responsibility.


About PNG:

The inception of the Professional Numismatists Guild in 1955 was primarily steered by the visionary coin dealer Abe Kosoff and his associates. Recognizing the imperative for a professional association to better cater to coin collecting enthusiasts, they established the Professional Numismatists Guild. The organization's enduring motto, "Knowledge, Integrity, Responsibility," remains emblematic of its nonprofit objectives. These virtues stand as decisive factors when choosing a rare coin vendor, paper currency expert, or precious metals dealer. Each member vendor affiliated with PNG epitomizes these qualities, a prerequisite for affiliation.

Having a rich history spanning over six decades, PNG has indisputably cemented its position as the ultimate authority for all numismatic professionals. Collectors, investors, and numismatic vendors universally hold PNG in the highest esteem. The PNG membership encompasses a multitude of distinguished numismatists from the United States and various corners of the globe.


Paradime Coins becomes a PNG Dealer:

The PNG insignia has evolved into the symbol of professionalism within the numismatic trade, emblematic of more than 300 professionals nationwide. PNG vendors are held to the top of ethical conduct and professionalism. Paradime Coins and its proprietor, Shannon Rajkitkul, proudly resonate with PNG's ethical benchmarks, steadfastly upholding the highest standard of the numismatic industry. "Our joining PNG signifies an unwavering dedication to the numismatic community and are honored to have become part of this esteemed cohort in August 2023. PNG membership stands as a testament to unblemished integrity our continued effort to deliver the highest and best numismatic material."