Portfolio Management - At ParadimeCoins, we specialize in building portfolios for clients through certified rare coins.

What is Numismatics? 

We all think about investments at some point. Investments to secure the future, to plan ahead and to feel financially safe for ourselves and our loved ones.

While we use our best judgement, take advice or follow the trend when it comes to investing, not many are aware of buying rare coins as an alternate investment.

Coin collecting has been pursued as a hobby and has been collected from the dawn of time. In fact Numismatics, the buying, selling, collecting and investing in rare coins, has been known as the King of Hobbies and Hobbies for Kings.

Coin collecting not only offers a tremendous amount of historical information, imagine acquiring the same coins mentioned in the bible that was given to Judas as payment for his betrayal or owning the exact same coin that was owned by titans of industries, kings of countries or your ancestors, but it also preserves wealth against inflation and offers significant financial upside when done so correctly.


Why Invest in Rare Coins?

Most rare coins have either been lost to time, melted or damaged. Consider a case such as the 1854 Five Dollar gold coin minted in San Francisco. While there were an estimated 268 coins produced, only three have survived the test of time. One of which is permanently in a museum, leaving only two for collectors to acquire. It is thus easy to see why such a coin is worth between $2 Million and $4 Million.

Rare Coins Advantage:

  • Coins are tangible assets that are easily movable cross country. 
  • Compared to other collectibles, coins are easy to store and care for. Unlike wine or art, you do not need a special warehouse, a climate controlled room nor need a vast space to house these investments.
  • The rarity and beauty present within these historical time capsules serve collectors and investors with deep passion, and act as paintings do as show piece.
  • Studying coins and their backgrounds lead to interesting discoveries, facts about history, politics, society, and culture. 
  • Liquidity for certified rare coins is one the best within all non-traditional asset class. Because of the advent of third party grading services, authenticity is not contested like many other collectibles, thus a buyer from Japan can acquire one’s gold proof in California site unseen where buy and sell prices are known based on auction archives and live bids.


Why ParadimeCoins?

At ParadimeCoins, unlike majority of other dealers, our specialty and focus are the finest rare coins certified, ultra rare dates and coins with low survival rates. Most importantly, aside from the buying and selling we do, we also help clients create a diversified portfolio consisting of hand picked rare coins based on their requirements of budget, like, duration and goal with the single goal of maximizing return. As we place a particular coins, we consider: 

- Where are the remaining coins
- How many are available to be bought
- What is the market like for the particular series
- What are some of the private transactions that have occurred
- How have public auction faired for these and what do those results say
- What was the quality of the coin in question
- How is liquidity within the coin market and disposal income for these non-traditional tangible assets
- Are there better opportunities
- Is the coin accurately graded
- Is the market for this series at the top of the cycle, and do the values it represents worth 
To this end, if investing in rare coins is of interest, feel free to reach out to us at info@paradimecoins.com to schedule a call.