2020-W WW2 V75 75th Anniversary American Eagle Gold Proof Coin

2020-W American Eagle Gold Proof V75 WW2

On Nov 5 noon EST( eastern standard time), the US mint will be releasing a limited run of gold coin commemorating the 75 anniversary of the end of WW2. A limited mintage of 1,945 pieces will be released to the public for approximately $2,550( this may go slightly up or slightly down depending on current gold spot price) There will be a limit of 1 order per American Household ( per address) Because of this limited run, ParadimeCoins.com has bullion and portfolio clients who are ready to pay a premium to get their hands on as many of these as possible. No doubt all of the 1,945 pieces will be sold out instantly within the first few minutes. So what we are proposing is for anyone to buy the gold coin, place it on your credit card, ship it to your address, and if you are one of the lucky ones to be able to purchase it, ParadimeCoins will pay a hefty profit to you for this coin. Once you receive the package, be sure to not open it, the package has to remain sealed when we resell. We will email you a shipping label and the package will be fully insured on our dime. Once it's handed over to the usps staff, we will send you payment instantly to whatever payment method you prefer - google pay, check/wire, paypal etc (all except cash) before it reaches our office in Vegas.

The entire process will take 3 days and you will get paid before your billing cycle and of course for those who have cash back a little extra. There is no limit to the number of pieces we need, so we suggest you send this to your friends, families and colleagues, and to each person you refer who successfully is able to purchase this we will add an additional $250 to your total and they will of course receive their premium profit as well, and whom they refer too they will also receive an additional $250 so on and so forth.

The site will crash for sure with the number of collectors jumping on this, so we suggest to register before Nov 5. Registering will take 2 minutes to create an account with the US mint, put your address, put your payment method - credit card or paypal (recommended) - and then be sure to click the buy button on November 5 at noon EST. When buying select next day shipping which will be an additional $20.95 added to cost instead of regular mail which is $4.95. Anyone can buy as long as they are shipping to an american address. So international people who have places to ship the items to someone they trust in the U.S please do so.
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Please offer us your coin and we will pay top prices on them.