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PCGS: Professional Coin Grading Service


Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is a coin grading, authentication, attribution, and encapsulation service founded in 1985, by leading Coin Dealers. 

PCGS is the most respected third-party grading and authentication service for Numismatics, along side NGCPCGS provides a dependable form of protection for coin collectors. PCGS began operations on February 3, 1986 and henceforth created the concept of independent, third-party coin grading and the industry’s first lifetime guarantee for coin grading. These services, backed by PCGS’s world-class numismatic experts and a network of reputable authorized dealers, enable PCGS-graded coins to realize record prices in the marketplace.

    PCGS is considered the Standard for the Rare Coin Industry.

    1795 H10C MS67 HALF DIME PCGS
    1795 H10C MS67 PCGS CAC. ex Pogue


    PCGS maintains:

    Population Report - a census of all coins they have graded since their inception, revealing each issue's grades, variety, designations (such as "proof like" for Morgan dollars and "full bands" for Mercury dimes), and other significant information. Access to this report is free and updated daily on their website, though a discontinued hardcopy version was published at monthly intervals.

    PCGS CoinFacts - PCGS maintains CoinFacts, the "single source of information on U.S. coins." The free site publishes information about all federal and most non-federal U.S. coin issues, including their rarity statistics, PCGS Price Guide values, population data, public auction performances, die varieties, and photographs.

    PCGC Price Guide - PCGS publishes a free, partial online list of U.S. and foreign coin values. The values listed are for PCGS-certified coins and are compiled from dealer advertisements and price lists, auction prices realized, and trade show transactions.


    Among other Free Resources available at

    Having a coin grade by PCGS means:

    Maximum Value: All PCGS graded coins are backed by the PCGS guarantee of grade and authenticity, and this assurance inspires confidence in both buyers and sellers. That is why PCGS-graded coins achieve maximum value in the marketplace: buyers are able to pay top dollar knowing their purchase is guaranteed.

    Maximum LiquidityWith objective third-party grading, coins can be evaluated equally (and instantly) by both buyers and sellers, resulting in a universal standard for evaluating the authenticity and quality of rare and collectible coins. This standard creates trust towards sellers in the marketplace and eager buyers for PCGS coins.

    Maximum SecurityPCGS goes to extreme lengths to guarantee the security of the coins it authenticates and grades. Each coin is sonically sealed and contains all the pertinent data to properly identify the coin and its grade.


    1866 Seated Dollar PCGS Coin

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